Friday Jan. 13 to Sunday Jan. 15

Las Vegas, NV

Reunite ~ VolunCHEER ~ Compete ~ Fundraise


PCA's 2023 Beneficiary: Golden Rainbow


Providing housing, education and direct financial assistance to men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada.

Pursuant to Nevada law AB60: The Pride Cheerleading Association (PCA) is a 501c3 Nonprofit and a Domestic Nonprofit & Registered Charity in the State of Utah. PCA's purpose is to grow Charitable Cheerleading worldwide and to support people living with life-challenging conditions in the cities in which we perform. PCA is registered with the State of Nevada as an Out-Of-State Charitable Organization Not Required to Register to Do Business in Nevada, with the appropriate Charitable Solicitation Registration permit to accept your donations. Your charitable donations may be tax deductible! FIND NEVADA LEGAL DOCUMENTS HERE.

Registration for PCA Events during SCC2023 uses EventBrite. Any adult, regardless of PCA affiliation, may register to participate with PCA. Participants may register for:

1) Saturday VolunCHEERing - Arrive early for the opportunity to learn an all-PCA stunt routine. Board on the PCA bus to stunt and cheer at different sports. New in 2023: pizza lunch will be provided by PCA. Spread the spirit, rally for a reason, and bucket for our beneficiary!

2) Sunday Competition - The two competitive divisions are: Group Stunt and Partner Stunt. Below you will find links to Rulebook, Scoresheet, and competition Fundraising Parameters (yes, fundraising is part of you score!). The program will also include non-judged Exhibition Routines. Your PCA Team (or teams) may exhibition FOR FREE! (Non-PCA Team Exhibitions are welcome and encouraged, but there is a per-person fee.)

3) or BOTH! - DO IT ALL! Cheer for charity with PCA on Saturday at all the sports, make your own plans on Saturday night, and come back to compete/exhibition on Sunday! Bundle and save when you register for both days!

Get your room now! Book through There are benefits to you and to PCA if you book through the Sin City Classic website and enter "Cheerleading" where it asks you what sport. PCA's home base will be the Flamingo. Other host hotels include: LINQ & Bally's.


(Okay, that's oversimplified. Below you'll find an overview. Please read the entire detailed policy before you make arrangements to attend. Email with questions)


  • Masks at all PCA events

  • Proof of completed vaccine primary series OR request test-to-stay arrangement

  • Attestation of no prior symptoms, agreement to daily self-health checks, isolation if symptoms develop

  • Attestation of no prior known exposures or infections leading up to the event

Not required:

  • Masks when it's not "PCA time"

  • Boosters (though strongly encouraged)

  • Testing (except for those with approved test-to-stay arrangement; however testing is encouraged should someone develop symptoms

  • Quarantines based on exposures that occur while in Vegas (defer to CDC guidelines)

Why masks?

  • Safely include team members with medical conditions and/or exemptions

  • Mixing communities and travel-associated risk increases

  • Closeness and sustained nature of cheerleading interactions

  • Prime conditions and seasonality for transmission

  • No expectation of controlling mitigations outside PCA time

SCC 2023 PCA COVID GRAPHIC 2 Why Masks.png

Please read PCA’s SCC 2023 COVID-19 Policy in its entirety to understand:

  • types of acceptable masks and when we expect you to wear them

  • vaccine card presentation options (submit or show in person)

  • process for making test-to-stay arrangements for not-fully-vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals

  • symptom and exposure attestation expectations


PCA's Charitable Cheerleading competition is one-of-a-kind.

Rules, judging, and scoring emphasize community impact and FUNDRAISING FIRST!

PCA and Sin City judges have completed minor revisions. The 2023 Rulebook, Fundraising Parameters, Scoresheet, and Progression Sheets are now published. Questions: email


PROGRESSION SHEET: Mounts & Transitions





All groups performing to music will be required to attest that their music has been created, edited, and obtained legally in accordance with US Copyright Law and that the group has the license to perform to the music they submit to PCA for performance. Attestation Document to be signed on location by each group.

What happened in Vegas?

Full Playlist of Sin City Classic 2022 performances on PCA's YouTube Channel.