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PCA at Gay Games

Gay Games is the largest international, quadrennial, sports and cultural event OPEN TO ALL!
PCA is the governing body for Cheerleading (in Sports and Culture) at Gay Games.
Charitable cheerleaders have been at EVERY GAY GAMES in history!

What we do and why we do it:

PCA organizes cheerleading appearances at Opening Ceremonies, at Closing Ceremonies, at cultural demonstrations and festivals, at Gay Games community gathering areas, and at various sporting events to cheer on other athletes!

PCA also hosts a Charitable Cheerleading Competition - now a List A Sport at Gay Games. The recognition of Cheerleading as a sport is important. The involvement in competitive sports does wonders for mental and physical well-being. Cheerleaders of all kinds deserve to be recognized as athletes and deserve every opportunity to derive mental and physical joy from their athletic endeavors.

When charitable cheerleaders activate, a major goal is to raise funds for charity! We give back to the causes that allow LGBTQ+ athletics to grow and flourish. We give back to the local communities in which we perform!

PCA governs Cheerleading at Gay Games and encourages volunCHEERleaders from all over to participate for these main purposes:
to support LGBTQ+ athletics, to support the LGBTQ+ community, to further LGBTQ+ causes worldwide, and, as the motto of Gay Games goes, to experience PARTICIPATION, INCLUSION, and strive for PERSONAL BEST!


Charitable cheerleaders have been at EVERY GAY GAMES in history, starting at the very first Gay Games in San Francisco in 1982, raising spirits and awareness and bringing hope to the LGBTQ+ community at the height of the AIDS pandemic.

Once charitable cheerleading organized under a 501c3 nonprofit, the ability to raise funds amplified. Since we've been tracking it, the cheerleaders have been able to raise and donate several thousand dollars during each Gay Games. The cheerful fundraising has mostly been grassroots, hands-on, people-powered.
We're talking cash in Spirit Buckets! Like street performers... on a mission.

The donations collected at GG10 (Paris 2018) allowed PCA to donate a total of $5000 to charitable causes benefitting the LGBTQ+ community!


The Pride Cheerleading Association is the governing body for Cheerleading as it exists in both categories of SPORT and CULTURE at Gay Games 11 Guadalajara 2023 (November 1-12, 2023).

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Registration to participate in Cheerleading at GGGDL is handled by the FGG through a 3rd party website.

If you are part of a current PCA Member Team, we recommend you talk to your PCA Delegate or Team Leader before you Register.

If you are not part of a current PCA Member Team, we are excited to meet you and recommend you contact PCA Events first.

We want to hear your questions and ideas!

Let's talk about cheerleading appearances at culture and ceremonies!

Let's talk about the Charitable Cheerleading Competition that takes place on Nov 8, 2023!

Let's talk about sport-to-sport and org-to-org partnerships and fundraising for our beneficiaries!

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Thank you FSP (Instagram Post (Square)).png


4 Categories of Participation

1) Exhibition Cheerleading  2) Group Stunt  3) Partner Stunt  4) Pom Dance

Register at Pay Basic Fee and Event Fee to Participate.

Once you pay these fees, you can participate in any or all of the 4 Categories of Participation.
No fee increase for participating in multiple categories. All crossovers allowed.

UPDATE: Registration for Gay Games Guadalajara closes October 8, 2023.


1) Exhibition Cheerleading

Choose anything on the "menu"
-Opening Ceremonies
-Closing Ceremonies
-VolunCHEERing at Sports
-Non competitive Exhibition Routines

Each choice comes with certain requirements and expectations! Communicate before you commit!
Talk to your Team Leaders and to PCA!

If you register as a “Participant” in the event of “Cheerleading” and choose the “Exhibition Cheerleading” box, this is your primary indication of interest in Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, volunCHEERing at sports, and other non-competitive exhibition routines performed by small groups, whole teams, or All-PCA that occur throughout the week. If you are on a PCA Member Team, this probably makes complete sense to you. If you are not on a PCA Member Team, please contact PCA ( to discuss. 



2) Group Stunt
- Competitive
-4 to 5 people in a group

3) Partner Stunt
- Competitive
-3 people in a group (w/Required Spotter)

4) Pom Dance
- Competitive
-4 to NO MAX people in a group

 If you register as a “Participant” in the event of “Cheerleading” and choose any (or all!) of these boxes, you are signing up to compete in PCA’s Charitable Cheerleading Competition on Wednesday November 8, 2023 at Revolution Sports Center (CODE Polideportivo Revolución). The day prior, Tuesday November 7, is your opportunity for onsite practice, run-of-show rehearsal, and informal judges review. Don't miss it!


PCA Hosts a one-of-a-kind
Charitable Cheerleading Competition

Location:  Polideportivo Revolución
Date:  Wednesday Nov 8, 2023. 10:00am to 3:00pm
Competitive Divisions:  Group Stunt, Partner Stunt, Pom
Also featuring exhibition performances by small groups and teams.

November 8 Run of Show (blank)

UPDATE: Registration for Gay Games Guadalajara closes October 8, 2023.

Everything you need to know about Music at PCA Events at GGGDL2023!

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Gay Games 12 will be in Valencia, Spain in 2026

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