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Friday Jan. 12 to Sunday Jan. 14

Las Vegas, NV

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Recommended travel: Friday January 12, 2024 to Monday January 15, 2024

PCA Events that require Registration are on Saturday (VolunCHEERing Bus) and Sunday (Charitable Cheerleading Competition and Exhibition)

Meeting location for all: Flamingo Hotel Sunset Ballroom


FRIDAY: REGISTRATION PARTY (5 to 9pm - times are set by SCC)

Bucket for beneficiary

Popcorn stunt and show spirit

Mingle and make friends

SATURDAY: THE BUS (9am to 4:30pm)

Ride the PCA bus to volunCHEER and bucket at sports

Perform skill elements with your team in a PCA Cheer and Dance Showcase

NEW: Mid-day stop will include a Food Court where you can buy your own lunch

SUNDAY: THE COMP (9:30am to 3:30pm)

Day starts with fundraising on the Las Vegas Strip to earn points on the scoresheet

Divisions include: Partner Stunt, Group Stunt, and Pom (which is NEW to SCC 2024)

Day ends with noncompetitive Exhibitions (must register), games and awards


Providing housing, education and direct financial assistance to men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada.

Pursuant to Nevada law AB60: The Pride Cheerleading Association (PCA) is a 501c3 Nonprofit and a Domestic Nonprofit & Registered Charity in the State of Utah. PCA's purpose is to grow Charitable Cheerleading worldwide and to support people living with life-challenging conditions in the cities in which we perform. PCA is registered with the State of Nevada as an Out-Of-State Charitable Organization Not Required to Register to Do Business in Nevada, with the appropriate Charitable Solicitation Registration permit to accept your donations. Your charitable donations may be tax deductible! NEVADA LEGAL DOCUMENTS HERE SOON.

NEW: Registration for the PCA Events of SCC2024 uses Zeffy (simple! intuitive! free!).


As always, cheerleading registration is open to any adult (must be 18 by date of event), regardless of PCA affiliation or performing vs. production capacity. Participants may register for:

1) Saturday VolunCHEERing - Reserve your seat on the PCA Cheer Bus. Ride with us to visit multiple sports, support their athletes, perform together as a family, and of course fundraise! 

2) Sunday Competition - Everyone pays the same single rate to register to compete (you may compete in Partner Stunt, Group Stunt, and/or Pom). Exhibition routines are also welcome.

3) or BOTH! - There is a bundle-&-save discount for the DO IT ALL'ers! Save up to 33% by registering for both Saturday and Sunday.

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE JANUARY 5th! (Music & attestation also due to DJ on January 5th.)

PCA's home base will be the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Get your room now!

The website has announced a LOW ROOM ALERT that Sin City Classic rooms at the Flamingo, LINQ and Horseshoe are sold out at the group rate. You can still book at the standard rate or on other booking sites.

Click and read PCA's Public Health Policy for SCC 2024At the time of writing of this policy, cases of COVID-19 in Clark County are low-moderate, with related hospitalizations and bed occupancy increasing slightly, and related deaths stable at low levels. Cases around the U.S. are expected to increase with winter holiday travel and social intermingling. Based on the information surveyed from the World Health Organization, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Clark County and other relevant government and data reporting entities, the PCA Sin City Classic (SCC) 2024 Policy is summarized as follows: 

COVID screenshot for 2024

PLEASE NOTE: PCA may change this policy at any time in response to changing guidance, approvals, local conditions, or other relevant criteria, as deemed in the best interest of the organization, its members, the entire SCC community, and the broader communities we serve. Should requirements change, all efforts will be made to provide sufficient notice of changing requirements, ample time to fulfill the new requirements, and assistance to help all members understand their options and act accordingly.


PCA's Charitable Cheerleading competition is one-of-a-kind.

Rules, judging, and scoring emphasize community impact and FUNDRAISING FIRST!

Rulebook, Fundraising Parameters, Scoresheets, and Progression Sheets are all revised and linked. Click on the purple icons. 

Rules & legalities questions? Email





All groups performing to music will be required to have an authorized rep attest that:

1) their music has been created, edited, and obtained legally in accordance with US Copyright Law, and

2) the group has a current license to perform to the music they submit to PCA for performance.


1. Submit your music by email to

2. Complete this Music Attestation Form

HANDOUT: Everything you need to know about music for Sin City Classic 2024

What happened in Vegas?

Full Playlist of Sin City Classic 2023 performances on PCA's YouTube Channel.

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