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The Pride Cheerleading Association exists to help LGBTQ community-based cheerleading squads form and grow.

Contact us to get started!

What does it take to be a PCA team?

  • Must be an adult (18+) cheerleading, dance, drill, stunt, or related performance art team​​

  • Must be a legal nonprofit OR be able to provide proof of having recently filed for legal nonprofit status

    • US: 501(c)(3) status

    • Internationally: organization registered as a not-for-profit, charitable, or similar organization that qualifies for all tax benefits associated with this status

  • Must have a charitable fund

  • Must support the LGBTQ community

  • Must provide proof of General Liability Insurance Policy

  • Must pay annual membership dues, as determined by the PCA Board

What are the benefits of being a PCA team?

  • About time we united! Together we can share ideas, resources, and experiences.

  • Banking centralized for multi-team fundraising activities, as appropriate

  • Criteria established to set a consistent PCA standard

  • Delegation of decisions and duties at multi-team events (e.g., Gay Games)

  • Encouragement and education for new and developing teams

  • Family environment—inclusion, acceptance, and help when it's needed

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