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January 15th-17th

First Annual
PCA Educational Conference

An online conference designed for Charitable Cheerleaders and their Team Leaders

This year's theme: FINDING OUR WHY

Conference Objectives

  • UNITE: Reunite (virtually) with your family of choice

  • SUPPORT: Share experiences and learn valuable new information from relevant, credible sources

  • DEVELOP: Gain actionable advice to help teams thrive, revive & grow

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Join the Pride Cheerleading Association in its First Annual Virtual Educational Summit. Work with change-makers, disruptors, and industry leaders. Werk with other LGBTQ+ athletes to break a sweat and crack a smile. Captivating speakers and enlightening subject matter experts will inspire you to rediscover your "Why." Experienced and knowledgable volunCHEERleaders and outside consultants will share tips, tricks, and technical skills to help your organization revive, thrive, and grow! It wouldn't be a PCA reunion without contests and games. We will bring the "why" full circle and put the Y in YASSSSSSS.

KWEENnote Speakers


Sonali D'Silva

Founder of Equality Consulting, a training and speaking services provider, based in Adelaide, South Austrailia. Sonali's workshops and presentation help learners tune into their own and other people's diversity and strengths, raise their self-awareness and curiosity and develop inclusion and engagement. A published author and volunteer Board Director for Xlent Disability Services, a disability support services provider in South Austrailia.

Facilitator & Inclusion Warrior


Aria Sa'id.jpg

Aria Sa'id

Aria Sa’id is a transgender advocate and award winning political strategist based in San Francisco Bay Area. She is a founder and the Executive Director of the Compton’s Transgender Cultural District- the world’s first transgender district, celebrating the resilience, culture, and presence of transgender people in San Francisco’s famed Tenderloin neighborhood. She is the founder of Kween Culture Initiative- a social and cultural empowerment project for Black transgender women. 

Advocate, Strategist, Socialite



Molly Lenore

Molly Lenore is President of Moey Inc., a company devoted to the development of exhibits at the intersection of art, science, technology, design and education. An additional passion has been the LGBTQ sports realm, where she has served on numerous boards, including the National Gay Flag Football League, the New York Gay Football League and the Big Apple Softball League. She believes that sports can empower, connect and strengthen the LGBTQ community, as well as serving a as bridge to the greater community.

Artist, Activist, Educator



Sera Fernando

Sera Fernando is a Senior Management Analyst for the Santa Clara Office of LGBTQ Affairs. She has serves as Chief Diversity Officer for Silicon Valley Pride, Board of Governor for the Human Rights Campaign Bay Area, and proud Microsoft GLEAM ERG Alumni Sera leverages her platform in advocating for queer, transgender intersectionality and social justice, speaking at multiple companies and community organizations, driving home the importance of equity and lifting up the voice of LGBTQ+ storytellers worldwide. 

Change-maker & Storyteller



Kenrick Ross

Kenrick has spent the last 15 years building and scaling projects, programs, and organizations.


His career has focused, holistically, on helping organizations to be more effective, inclusive, and accountable, and in so being, better able to serve and empower under-resourced communities. This has given him deep expertise, and a definite perspective, on issues around organizational and workplace development, learning, and leadership.

Fighter, Advocate, Consultant


Sports Partners

SCC 3.png

Sin City Classic proudly endorses PCA Summit and actively encourages all LGBTQ+ athletes and organizational leaders to register and attend!

Something for Everyone

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