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On January 19th, we combined our love of philanthropy with competition once again. 


Join us at the 2020 Sin City Classic in Las Vegas to compete, fund-raise, or cheer on your favorite charitable cheerleaders!

Fundraising efforts were made to benefit Golden Rainbow

providing housing, education and direct financial assistance to men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada.


It's never too soon to start planning...

Deal You In?

Learn more about what you'll need to bring to the table. 





Fundraising is part of your competition score!  Learn more about how your competition group can add UP TO TEN points to your score just by Fundraising!

Ante Up.

To register, complete the form and pay your fee.

The competition is open to all, 18 and up. No PCA affiliation necessary. 

For payment, you'll be taken to the PCA Paypal page, pay with your paypal account or credit card. 

Enter your registration amount in the payment field.

  • Fundraising Participant: $8 (Non-competitor.)

  • Competitor: $35 per Competitor.

Each competitor should register for themselves. 
Remember to include "Sin City Classic 2019" in the memo field of your payment.


The last day to register is January 11, 2019!

Please contact Cheer Coordinator Paul Ruiz at for any questions.

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